Alexander Bevacqua

District:Eastern Ontario
Community:Belleville – Quinte West
Team:Belleville & Quinte West
What other sports do you participate in?Swimming
Will these be your first Provincial Games?Yes
Best Special Olympics Memory:Attending the meet in Guelph. Getting to sleep over in the hotel with the team the night before.  Having his family support at the event. There was Dad, Mom, Olivia,  Grandad, Grandma, Uncle Paul, Aunt Gwen, Uncle Marco, Aunt Lyn and cousins Fab and Dylan all came to support and cheer.  Absolutetly loved the cheers from the Guelph Football team volunteers and high fives when he completed a lift.
Hobbies and Activities:Alex is a musician. He takes drum lesson and plays the drums every day.  He also loves languages and likes to look up foreign words on Google. His favorite singer is Shakira and he plays her songs on the drums.
Message to Sponsors:Thanks for the competitions. Can you get Shakira to sing at one of our meets like she did at the Olympics?