Amanda Bruder

Community:Halton Hills
Team:Halton Hills Swimming Club
What other sports do you participate in?Basketball, Floor hockey, Rhythm Gymnastics
Will these be your first Provincial GamesYes
Best Special Olympics MemoryAmanda is very proud of herself at the last swim meet in Hamilton in November 2019 where she beat her time doing her 50 metre front crawl and the coach told her she did a great job and she loved the praise from the coach and the feeling of doing well and accomplishing her goal. Amanda always get excited and ready and  loves to go to the swim competitions as well as the other sports. She loves to challenge herself and better her times at swimming. On the other teams, she loves being a team player and helping out her teammates. She enjoys all of her Special Olympic sports and competitions.
Hobbies and ActivitiesShe loves to watch Coronation Street, loves to travel, loves to shop, loves to dance and listen to music. She works part time at the local library 4 days a week. Amanda loves her job and has been there for 5 years now. She loves to socialize with her teammates on Special Olympics and loves being part of all her teams. She of course loves to swim and loves to swim in a pool and or at the beach. She would love to learn to cook more on her own. She likes to try and eat at different restaurants but always mentions her peanut allergy. She cares very much for her family and friends and often puts others first before herself. She loves the computer.
Message to SponsorsThank you for this opportunity to go to the Provincials for swimming. I have wanted to participate for many years. I love to swim and participate on the Halton Hills Waves swim team. I love my teammates, coaches and other athletes. I love the competitions. I appreciate all the sponsors and volunteers and coaches that make this happen. Special Olympics is very special to me and has given me such happiness and inclusion and I have made so many friends. I appreciate all the sports I am able to participate in and enjoy them every minute and never want to miss a practice or competition. Thank you to each and every person affiliated with Special Olympics. It is just a wonderful feeling to be a part of this community and to be accepted.