Amiera Black

District:South Central Ontario
Community:New Hamburg
Team:Wilmot Aquatic Aces
What other sports do you participate in?Soccer & Two pitch (at elementary school level)
Will these be your first Provincial Games?Yes
Best Special Olympics Memory:My most memorable SO accomplishment was participating at this year’s Provincial Qualifier when I was sick. I wanted the chance to go to Provincials so badly that I wasn’t going to let a cold get in my way! I swam the 400 m Free for the very first time and my friend came to cheer me on. She brought a sign and a stuffie for me. I swam my best but it was hard because I really didn’t feel well and my goggles fogged up. I couldn’t see my coach  so I didn’t know when to stop so I just kept swimming. I ended up swimming 460m before I realized the race was over and I had to be helped out of the pool because I gave every bit of energy I had. I got second place but I was very proud of myself because even though I was really sick I never gave up!! Now I know it was all worth it because I DID make it to provincials! I’m so excited!
Hobbies and Activities:Swimming takes up a lot of my time but I also like to riding my bike, making art and watching movies.
Message to Sponsors:My family and I are very grateful for all the support offered by sponsors. Special Olympics is a way for us to connect with others in our communities and is an opportunity which reminds us of all we can accomplish if we work hard. Without your support many families wouldn’t have this chance to meet new friends, have fun and grow as athletes, so thank you from the bottom of my heart!