Barry Berger

Team:Guelph Basketball – Team 1
What other sports do you participate in?None-Barry has no time or energy for other sports outside of his job. He is a dynamite guitar player on Sundays with friends.
Will these be your first Provincial GamesNo
What other Games have you competed in?Guelph Provincial Games, Basketball, team gold medal
National Games, Nova Scotia, Basketball -he had a great time, thank you!!
Best Special Olympics MemoryHe has always told me it is about seeing and playing with friends.
He is happy to pass the ball to help other players, and is always happy if he scores.
Barry is very proud to be a member of a team since he was unable to accomplish that when he was younger.
Hobbies and ActivitiesHe did in fact take private lessons for swimming, karate, and music.
His worker took him to the Y for basketball and volleyball but he did not feel the camaraderie he does in Special Olympics which he has been able to attend since he started working.
Special Olympics has improved his self respect and his dignity.
Message to SponsorsBarry is very grateful as am I.
“Many, many heartfelt thanks”