Bradley Hannah

Team:Hamilton Mount Hamilton Orcas Swim Club
What other sports do you participate in?S.O Basketball , T.E.A.D Horseback riding for the disabled
Will these be your first Provincial GamesYes
Best Special Olympics MemorySwimming with my friends at practice and swim meets. Basketball is also fun !
Hobbies and ActivitiesI go horseback riding. The horses are trained allowing anyone with a disability to ride. I love to ride in the arena and also trail riding. I volunteer at the barns helping to clean and groom the horses. I also volunteer at a pet store as I love to work with animals. Special Olympics Basketball is another great sport that I really enjoy.
Message to SponsorsThank you very much to all the sponsors. This is a dream come true for me. I have been swimming for many years and this is my first Provincial Games. I am so excited…THANK YOU!!!