Catherine Collins

District:South Western Ontario
Sport:Rhythmic Gymnastics
Team:Rhythmic Gemstones Of London (Gals)
What other sports do you participate in?Swimming and floor hockey
Will these be your first Provincial Games?No
What other Games have you competed in?Suddbury -2009 , New Market, Toronto – 2013, Guelph – 2016, Waterloo – 2020
Best Special Olympics Memory:Coming in 1st place overall for the Special Olympics Summer Games in the year of 2016 in Guelph! It made me feel special and happy!
Hobbies and Activities:Working out at the YMCA gym, reading, writing, watching movies, going out for meals, socializing with friends and family, working on activity books, having my mother and daughter time with mom, and shopping.
Message to Sponsors:I would like to say thank you to all the sponsors or supporters for giving me, Catherine Marie Collins the opportunity to go to the Special Olympics Ontario Provincial Summer Games again next year. I’m very excited and overjoyed about this. It brings a lot of happy tears to my eyes to join the Summer Games again. It means the whole world to me, because the Special Olympics and the London Down’s Syndrome Association has really changed my life forever! This is where my heart is! And I have made a quite a lot of friends along the way!