Paige Newbrough

Team:K-W Basketball Hoops
Will these be your first Provincial GamesYes
Best Special Olympics MemoryPaige’s most memorable moment was when her basketball  team had a high score and the other team was struggling to get a point. Paiges team kept passing the ball to the competition in their end until they scored as they felt they had enough points and the other team needed some. Brought me to tears and may others as the court broke out in thunderous applause.
Hobbies and ActivitiesPaige loves animals and babies. She has been called the baby whisperer and dog whisperer. She loves to shop in st Jacobs!
Message to SponsorsI can’t thank the sponsors and supporters enough….to see our daughter Paige playing on a team with all ages, learning to actually play basketball and having so much fun on and off the court is really something. Belonging and being a part of Special Olympics has given Paige confidence, a sense of fairness and camaraderie by  playing on a team where everyone is like minded and never judged.  She is active and really busts her butt trying to get a basket and most importantly she has made so many new friends. These friends have been in her life now for 5 years. Without the sponsors and supporters weekend tournaments would not exist and neither would Paige’s love of sport as this could never have developed without all the volunteers and coaches and everyone who makes this  happen every single year.  Without sponsors and supporters  who really care we would be lost as there would be no avenue for sports that include kids with intellectual disabilities to really shine. Supporters and sponsors…they can sleep at night… because they have done a very good thing. They make a difference for so many athletes by showing up and giving their time every single practice, tournament , year in and year out. They are the ones  I am so grateful for…thank you!!