Cody Wanschura

District:Greater Toronto Area
Community:York South
Sport:Bowling – 10 Pin
Team:York South 10 Pin
What other sports do you participate in?Swimming, Track and Field, Basketball, Floor Hockey, and Softball
Will these be your first Provincial Games?Yes
Best Special Olympics Memory:My most memorable sport’s accomplishments in Speical Olympics was being named Male Athlete of the Year in 2017. I was so happy and proud. Other accomplishments are winning our York South Softball tournament this year and winning a qualifying tournament for basketball in my first year competing. Also most memorable is all the friendships that I have made along the way.
Hobbies and Activities:I also play ice hockey with Special Hockey International and enjoy attending their annual tournament which has been hosted in various cities in Canada and in the USA. I like to visit different amusement parks in the country and am an avid roller coaster enthusiast . I also enjoy taking all different forms of transit and have knowledge of different transit systems around the world .
I like to watch my younger brother participate in sports and volunteer if I can
I enjoy hanging out with other friends I have been fortunate to meet through Special Olympics and gong out to dinner, go to movies or go bowling
Message to Sponsors:I would like to say a special thank you and appreciation for all those organizations that help support us through fundraisers so that we are able to participate in so many great events, without you this would not be possible. I would also like to thank all of the coaches and volunteers that dedicate their time and commitment to Special Olympics because without them I would not be able to participate.