David Heinrichs

District:South Central Ontario
Sport:Bowling – 10 Pin
Team:K-W Alley Cats 10-Pin Bowling
What other sports do you participate in?Baseball, basketball, golf and lawn bowling
Will these be your first Provincial Games?No
What other Games have you competed in?The Provincial Games in 2016 in Guelph where I won 2 silver medals and the National Games in 2018 in PEI where I won 2 gold medals and 1 silver medal.
Best Special Olympics Memory:My most memorable moment was at the National Games in PEI because I was really excited when I found out I had won 3 medals. I was also very happy because it was so much fun and we met athletes from other provinces.

Last week I was playing in a Special Olympics Baseball Tournament and I hit the ball out of the field and I have to say it was the winning run.
Hobbies and Activities:I make turned wooden bowls on my lathe. I also do wellness activities with the company that supports my apartment, like lawn bowling and table tennis.
Message to Sponsors:I’m really grateful to the sponsors and supporters for all the money that they raise and donate to Special Olympics. So many people support us in sports like ten Pin Bowling and I’m very grateful for that. A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL THE KIND PEOPLE WHO SUPORT US!