David Lavoie

District:North West
Community:Thunder Bay
Sport:Bowling – 10 Pin
Team:Thunder Bay 10-Pin Bowling
What other sports do you participate in?Golfing
Will these be your first Provincial Games?Yes
Best Special Olympics Memory:David has been involved with Special Olympics since 1985 and has enjoyed bowling emensley. David has many memorable accomplishments throughout the years which include first place ribbons and trophys at every tournament he participated in. David enjoys the commoradary with his peers and socializing with so many great people which has given him much to look forward to.
Hobbies and Activities:David enjoys golfing as much as bowling. Painting is another activity he enjoys but music is and always his passion. He is quite the drummer(self taught). David has been to many concerts and has met many musicians. Travelling is also his hobby and enjoying the best of every day with family and friends. One of his best buddies is his dog Max who he walks and plays with daily. David is very active and socialble and is looking forward to competing with other athletes.
Message to Sponsors:Through many years with Special Olympics and their dedicated coaches David would not have had the opportunity to participate in so many fun events as he has. We are so grateful to all sponsors and supporters for giving so much of their time and funding and organized skills to enhance Davids life and so many others. We are forever thankful and looking forward to participating in this tournament and meeting many special people.