David Szakall

Community:Collingwood & Area
Team:Collingwood Mighty Dolphins Swim Club
What other sports do you participate in?Alpine skiing, Baseball and Basketball.
Will these be your first Provincial GamesNo
What other Games have you competed in?David competed in Sudbury for Alpine skiing and did well enough to go on to the Nationals in Thunder Bay.
Best Special Olympics MemoryI’m not sure what his most memorable moments were – he doesn’t talk much. He seems to enjoy simply doing sports and getting better. Of course getting medals is fun for him!
Hobbies and ActivitiesDavid enjoys doing art – there are pictures along the walls throughout the house of Thomas & Friends, characters out of Toy Story (from 1-4) and Bear in the Big Blue House. He likes carrying a book collection of Winnie the Pooh and his white Bear (one that he’s had since he was 2 years old) around when he’s at home. He also enjoys building Lego sets and setting up train configurations of Thomas & Friends on the floor. Recently, he’s been listening and following along in books the audio recordings of stories from Nemo and Winnie the Pooh. This is done independently and we consider it a milestone for him. He didn’t seem interested in words or meanings before and now we’re thinking this trajectory will help him develop the communication skills he needs to navigate this world and be an active part of it.
Message to SponsorsTo all our sponsors, supporters and volunteers, you are supporting a perspective of sports and competition that most of the world has forgotten. I’m thinking about the the best qualities that can emerge like sportsmanship – the respect for competition and between competitors that is not about beating down the other side and show boating the experience. Your support provides a very special kind of opportunity where valuable life experiences are learned by the most vulnerable people in our communities who strive to excel. These athletes teach the rest of us who were not born with challenges to test our own perceived limitations including the mental perceptions we have of ‘disabilities’ and that, can lead to the changes we need to make, to help create a better society.

Thank You!