Felix Soots

District:Greater Toronto Area
Community:Greater Durham
Team:Durham Dolphins Swim Club
What other sports do you participate in?Basketball, cycling, skiing
Will these be your first Provincial Games?Yes
Best Special Olympics Memory:Earning his first ribbons. When Felix realized he could get third, second and even first place he could see that he has abilities and skills.  I always downplayed himself – when he saw his coaches and teammates cheer him on and congratulate him he became very happy!
Hobbies and Activities:Felix is very interested in photography.  He often goes to downtown Toronto with his father to go on “photo-walks” – documenting interesting people, places and things.  Felix also likes to go on cycling day trips with his dad and brother as well as road trip across Canada with his family.
Message to Sponsors:Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and support!  Opportunities like this are few and far between.  It really is amazing that there are people out there who want to support and encourage those who face many challenges in life.