Gordie Michie

District:South Western Ontario
Community:St. Thomas
Team:St. Thomas Swim Team
What other sports do you participate in?Swimming
Will these be your first Provincial Games?No
What other Games have you competed in?Worlds Games Abu Dhabi March 2019 – 2 gold medals in individual swimming and a silver in a relay race.
National Games Nova Scotia 2018 – 4 gold medals individual swimming . Provincial Games Markham Ontario 2017 – 4 Gold medals in individual swimming.
National Games Vancouver, BC. 2014 – 4 Gold medals in individual swimming. Provincial Games Ontario 2013 – 4 gold medals in individual swimming.  National Games London, Ontario 2010 – 1 gold medal in Track and Field.
Provincial Games 2009 Ontario – 5 gold medals in Track and Field
Best Special Olympics Memory:My most memorable sports accomplishment was winning 2 gold medals for individual swimming and a silver in a relay at the World Games in Abu Dhabi. It was a great honor and privilege to represent my country, Canada. I felt so proud receiving my medals for Canada.
Hobbies and Activities:I enjoy weight training, jogging and watching movies with my dad.
Message to Sponsors:I feel very honored for you to sponsor me at the Provincial Games. Thank you for your kind, generous donation to help me achieve my goals.