Jayden Patton

District:South Western Ontario
Team:Simcoe Seals Swim Club
What other sports do you participate in?Soccer and Rugby
Will these be your first Provincial Games?Yes
Best Special Olympics Memory:Jayden won the most improved female athlete last year. She has worked hard and is very driven to succeed.
Hobbies and Activities:Jayden is an artist and loves to game. She is into fitness and likes to go to the gym.
Message to Sponsors:Thank you so much for supporting our arhletes and allowing them to show just how capable they are. Jayden is missing her corpus collosum in the brain. This part of the brain helps connect the two lobes together. Any task that requires laterality (such as swimming) is supposed to be very difficult. Jayden is able to overcome her disability and excels at swimming. She absolutely loves competing and tries her hardest to improve. With your assistance you make it possible for people like Jayden to compete, to have success, and to feel like they can do it if they put their mind and effort into it. Jayden has flourished with all the wonderful people in Special Olympics. It has been amazing to watch her come out of her shell and believe in herself. For that, I can’t thank you enough.