Jessica Azzolin

District:Greater Toronto Area
Community:Greater Durham
Sport:Rhythmic Gymnastics
Team:Durham Shooting Stars
What other sports do you participate in?Jessica loves to swim, go horseback riding, go to zumba classes, go cycling and skiing.
Will these be your first Provincial Games?No
What other Games have you competed in?2016 Guelph – Rhythmic gymnastics, 2013 North Toronto – Rhythmic gymnastics, 2009 Windsor – Rhythmic gymnastics, 2005 Welland – Rhythmic gymnastics
Best Special Olympics Memory:When I got my first medal at my first Special Olympic games in Welland.
Hobbies and Activities:Jessica likes to dance, listen to music, write in her journal, watch tv, and play games on her Ipad.
Message to Sponsors:Thank you to all the Sponsors for all you do! Jessica is always so eager to attend the Provincial games. Thank you for making these opportunities possible for her and all athletes.