Joseph Del Re

District:Greater Toronto Area
Community:York South
Sport:Bowling – 10 Pin
Team:York South 10 Pin
What other sports do you participate in?Floor hockey, basketball, track and field and baseball
Will these be your first Provincial Games?Yes
Best Special Olympics Memory:My most memorable accomplishment with Special Olympics was when I played youth bocce in Biella, Milan, and Italy where my team represented Canada and we won the Gold Medal. I also love to participate in Motionball.
Hobbies and Activities:Play video games and listen to music. I enjoy cheering on my Toronto Maple Leafs, Raptors and Blue Jays on TV. I enjoy traveling with my Special Olympics teammates and with my family.
Message to Sponsors:I would like to thank everyone that supports Special Olympics and the athletes including the volunteers, coaches and sponsors. You make this experience possible for us. I greatly appreciate all the wonderful and caring support and hard work from all sponsors and supporters.