Joshua Schembri

Team:Burlington Flames C Basketball
Will these be your first Provincial GamesYes
Best Special Olympics MemoryThis is my 2nd year participating on the Special Olympics basketball  team. I really enjoyed all of the practices and tournaments last year. I was really proud of my team going to represent Canada at the World’s last year. Unfortunately, I was not able to go as I was only on the team for 1 year.  This year, however, I was chosen to represent at the Provincials in Waterloo. I’m very excited  that all my efforts, dedication and hard work are paying off.  I genuinely love all aspects of the game of basketball, but especially love playing and can’t wait to be on the court.
Hobbies and ActivitiesI  enjoy staying healthy by training and running. My other interests include going to movies and hanging with my friends. I also like to play video games and binge watch tv shows that I find interesting.
Message to SponsorsHow many people actually get a chance to participate in something so exciting as the Special Olympics? Without the support of the many sponsors and supporters like yourselves, this would not be possible. I’m extremely thankful and feel privileged for this amazing  opportunity to be a part of the Provincial Basketball Olympics this coming May 2020.  I will do my best and put 110% into the practices, tournaments and games leading up to and of course including the Provincials. This will be an event of a lifetime to which I’m truly grateful for.