Kacee Quinlan

Team:Peterborough Pythons Basketball Club
What other sports do you participate in?Swimming, soccer and baseball
Will these be your first Provincial GamesNo
What other Games have you competed in?1.Provincial Highschool championships for basketball in 2014
2.  Provincial  Highschool championships for basketball in 2016
3. Provincials- for soccer in 2017
4. Nationals for soccer in 2018
Best Special Olympics MemoryWinning gold medal in my first special Olympics High School Games  in 2014.
Hobbies and ActivitiesSwimming, baseball, soccer, musical drama and playing guitar
Message to SponsorsI would like to thank my sponsors  for supporting me, BELIEVING in me and giving me a chance to play basketball at the Provincials. I am so thrilled to play with my teammates and meet new friends. I am so excited to play my very best!