Kailee Mitchell

District:South Western Ontario
Team:Brantford Swim Club
What other sports do you participate in?Swimming, Basketball and Athletics
Will these be your first Provincial Games?No
What other Games have you competed in?Provincial Summer Games – Athletics –  July 2013 (York Region), Provincial Summer Games – Athletics –  July 2017 (Peel)
Best Special Olympics Memory:Kailee enjoys being with the TEAM.  She enjoys going to practice and attending meets – for the athletics and the friendships.  She has been privileged to have had the opportunity to be part of the provincials twice and both times had positive experiences (many, many amazing memories).  Kailee enjoys and is very proud to have her many family and friends at these events to cheer her on, recognizing her efforts and talents.
Hobbies and Activities:Kailee is very active in her school and community.  She enjoys managing the Senior Girls Basketball Team at St. John’s College, helping at many events at the school and is currently in the Grade 12 Leadership Class.  She works hard at what she is asked to do, and always completes it with enthusiasm. In the community, Kailee has volunteered at the Good Shepherd in Hamilton with her class (at Christmas), volunteered at the Food Bank in Brantford (once a week during the summer) and has volunteered at a home daycare during the summer.  She completed a co-op at a Montessori School and really enjoyed working with the young students. She enjoys going to the show, camping, traveling, and being with friends and family.  Some of Kailee’s favourite activities include; going to the Blue Jays, concerts in Toronto (loves music), and attending weekly dance classes.  She loves crafts, playing cards/games and colouring.
Message to Sponsors:As parents, we very blessed that our daughter and other athletes in the province have the opportunity to showcase their sport.  All the athletes work very hard to be the best that they can be.  Because of the many invaluable sponsors and supporters, this opportunity is possible for the athletes.   We cannot describe the excitement  and pride that Kailee feels when she participates and is part of the Special Olympics Organization. To the sponsors and supporters…. thank you for making a difference and creating lasting memories!!!