Lizzy Foley

District:South Central Ontario
Community:Welland – Pelham
Sport:Bowling – 10 Pin
Team:Welland Hi Rollers 10 Pin Club
What other sports do you participate in?Soccer, basketball, swimming, baseball
Will these be your first Provincial Games?No
What other Games have you competed in?I participated in the Provincial Games in Mississauga with my soccer team. We won a silver medal while there.
Best Special Olympics Memory:My most memorable moment was when I fell when playing soccer but was able to get up and continue to play even while I was hurt. This happened during the Provincial Games.

Another memorable moment was when we were playing a team that was not as good as we were and we cheered them on and supported a very young girl on their team to get a goal.
Hobbies and Activities:I love to ride my bike and workout at the gym. I like anime books and tv shows. My favourite show is RWBY. I also like to play Minecraft on the computer. I also like to work at my job at the Powerhouse Project.
Message to Sponsors:I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping out with the Provincial Games. Without you Provincials wouldn’t be possible and we wouldn’t get to have this great experience.