Michael Bandler

Team:Downtown Muscles
Will these be your first Provincial Games?No
Best Special Olympics Memory:Going to Worlds in Abu Dhabi to represent Canada in Powerlifting. Managing Personal Best in competition, for example lifting, more than 500 pounds in deadlift in Antigonish for the first time @ Nationals!
Hobbies and Activities:Snowboard & ski, bike, gaming, collecting hats and cooking.
Message to Sponsors:Michael is inspired by your support and wants to represent any sponsors as best he can. He had the privilege of presenting Awards to the sponsors at the Glenn Gould Theatre event this year. He recognizes the value they bring and that the Games are not possible without their support.
Michael also appreciates all of the volunteers who assist – from organizers to coaches to cheering fans. He loved the opportunity to represent his hometown, province and country as a proud athlete on Team Canada.