Paul Perreault

District:North East
Team:Timmins S.O. Powerlifting
What other sports do you participate in?None
Will these be your first Provincial Games?No
What other Games have you competed in?World Games, 2003 Ireland, 3 Gold medals; World Games, 2015 Los Angeles, 3 silver medals, 1 bronze, World Games, 2019 Dubai 4 Gold medals. Paul has attended numerous National, Provincial Games & Regional Games in the past 22 years.
Best Special Olympics Memory:Attending the World Games & representing my city & country.
Hobbies and Activities:Helps a lot of senior citizens, bicycling .
Message to Sponsors:A big thank you to all the sponsors & supporters as we athletes would not have the opportunity to attend all these games & get to see all the new places and meet new friends.