Sydney Paul

Community:Halton Hills
Team:Halton Hills Swimming Club
What other sports do you participate in?Alpine skiing
Will these be your first Provincial GamesNo
What other Games have you competed in?In May 2016, when Sydney was 11, she attended the Provincial Games in Guelph for swimming.  She broke her leg in February and just got her last cast off three weeks before the Games. Sydney still achieved 3 golds and a silver.
Sydney was fortunate to compete in the winter games last year in  beautiful Sault Ste. Marie for alpine skiing, where Sydney had a great time with so many amazing volunteers and athletes. We were all thrilled when Sydney came home with three gold medals. Her efforts have lead to an invitation to travel to Thunder Bay this coming February for the Nationals. We’re very excited to go.
Best Special Olympics MemorySydney really impressed us when she swam so well at the Provincials after fourteen weeks of having her leg in a cast back in 2016.
Hobbies and ActivitiesSydney has been involved with Girl Guide programs for the last eight years. They have offered Sydney friendships and many new experiences.She also loves biking, hiking, camping and fishing.
Sydney loves all things about nature and her favourite shows are about wildlife. She loves her stuffies as they are all animals too!