Thunder Maxwell

District:South Central Ontario
Team:Burlington Flames Basketball Club
What other sports do you participate in?Golf, 10 pin Bowling, Ball Hockey, Softball, Basketball, Soccer
Will these be your first Provincial Games?No
What other Games have you competed in?2016 attended Provincial Softball and won a Bronze medal. In 2019 attended Provincials for Ball Hockey and won a Bronze medal.
Best Special Olympics Memory:Thunder had not played organized sports prior to living with me.   I am the primary caregiver with Life Share. Immediately I enrolled Thunder in Softball, Ball Hockey and 10 Pin Bowling.
Thunder continues to thrive, receiving praise from several coaches for his leadership and sportsmanship.
Hobbies and Activities:Thunder has volunteered at Habitat For Humanity for 3 1/2 years, giving over 1500 hours. He works in the store, offering excellent customer service as well as traveling in the truck to pick up donations.
Thunder has received a trophy commemorating his volunteer hours.
Message to Sponsors:Thunder is a wonderful example of how a young life can be turned around due to the commitments of the coaching staff for all six sports he is involved in.    Thanks to the dedicated coaches, Thunder has accomplished tremendous skills both on and off the fields.
Thunder is a enthusiastic cheer leader, positive role model and exemplified the code of conduct for athletes.
Thunder can always be counted on to encourage other players and role models fair play.