Zoe Barnes

District:Greater Toronto Area
Community:Newmarket & Area
Team:Newmarket Crest Club Swim Club
What other sports do you participate in?Alpine skiing
Will these be your first Provincial Games?No
What other Games have you competed in?2008 Spring Provincials Durham – 1gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze medal, 2010 Summer Nationals London ON – 2 gold, 2 bronze medals, 2011 Winter Provincials Thunder Bay – 1 gold medal, 2012 Winter Nationals Jasper AB – 1 silver medal, 4th & 5th, 2013 Winter Worlds South Korea – 1 bronze medal, 4th & 5th, 2016 Spring Provincials Guelph – 2 gold, 2 silver medals, 2018 Summer Nationals Antigonish Nova Scotia – 1 silver, 1 bronze medal
Best Special Olympics Memory:Being in South Korea on the morning of the first competition being bumped up from Intermediate and to advance and still managed to get a bronze medal amongst really stiff competition. Also reaching my goals in long distance swimming.  1500metres and 800metres are my new challenges and I practice hard to better my times. At provincial qualifiers I was very happy with my times.
Hobbies and Activities:I love hanging out with friends, I have met so many all over Canada and the world with Special Olympics, Taking care of our family ponies, Art classes, Going to the gym, Walking, Helping my mom with fundraisers, Public speaking, Travelling, Jigsaw puzzles
Message to Sponsors:Special Olympics has changed my life, I have met friends all over the world and keep in touch with many of them. It has taught me that no matter what, I can do anything I set my mind to do. I have learned to love the great Canadian winters by spending them on the slopes. My swimming has shown me how strong and disciplined I can be. I have used the skills I have developed through my swim program to swim in the Pacific, Atlantic, Mediterranean seas so far as well as many lakes…… Weekly practices of my sports has brought me great friendships and a healthy lifestyle. I have attained my Level 1 ski coaching and often help teach other athletes in the pool and on the slopes. I love public speaking and new adventures because of the confidence Special Olympics has grown in me. Thanks to all the amazing sponsors and volunteers that make this happen to help athletes like me have a healthy happy life.