Golden H-A-W-K-S                        Basketball Shooting Competition

Follow along as our athletes virtually compete with each other on July 21, 22 and 23. Click on the videos below to watch each of the games. Gold medal games will be streamed LIVE through Facebook on Thursday, July 23rd. 

Cambridge Division Games

Athletes: Nicole, Kailee, Michael, Peter

            Wednesday July 22nd 11:00am Games                          Thursday July 23rd 11:00am Games

Semi-Finals: Nicole v Kailee

Semi-Finals: Michael v Peter

Bronze: Kailee v Michael

Gold: Nicole v Peter

Waterloo Division Games

Athletes: Lisa, Shane, Damion, Aaron

          Wednesday July 22nd 11:45am Games                          Thursday July 23rd 11:45am Games

Semi-Finals: Lisa v Shane

Semi-Finals: Damion v Aaron

Bronze: Shane v Aaron

Gold: Lisa v Damion

WRPS Division Games

Athletes: Greg, Valerie, Miriam, Christian

           Wednesday July 22nd 12:30pm Games                          Thursday July 23rd 12:30pm Games

Semi-Finals: Greg v Valerie

Semi-Finals: Miriam v Christian

Bronze: Val v Miriam

Gold: Greg v Christian

Kitchener Division Games

Athletes: Gohulan, Nick, Clarista, Ruby

            Wednesday July 22nd 1:15pm Games                          Thursday July 23rd 1:15pm Games

Semi-Finals: Gohulan v Nick

Semi-Finals: Clarista v Ruby

Bronze: Nick v Ruby

Gold: Gohulan v Clarista

Divisioning Games-Tuesday July 21st 

Tuesday July 21st 11:00am Games

Game 1: Gohulan v Nicole

Game 2: Lisa v Greg

Game 3: Valerie v Shane

Game 4: Kaliee v Nick

Tuesday July 21st 11:45am Games


Game 5: Damion v Miriam

Game 6: Clarista v Michael

Game 7: Aaron v Christian

Game 8: Ruby v Peter

Tuesday July 21st 12:30pm Games

Game 9: Gohulan v Greg

Game 10: Val v Nick

Game 11: Nicole v Lisa

Game 12: Shane v Kaliee

Tuesday July 21st 1:15pm Games

Game 13: Miriam v Clarista

Game 14: Christian v Ruby

Game 15: Damion v Michael

Game 16: Aaron v Peter