Jess Horvath

Jess Horvath

District: South Western Ontario
Community: Brantford
Sport: Powerlifting
Team: Brantford Powerlifting Club
other sports do you participate in?
Floor Hockey, Snow shoeing, Baseball
these be your first Provincial Games?
other Games have you competed in?
Floor Hockey in Toronto – Team won and now going to the Nationals in Thunder Bay.
Show shoeing in Sault Ste. Marie and placed to go to the Nationals in Thunder Bay but chose Floor Hockey so I am unable to complete.
Special Olympics Memory:
The most memorable sports accomplishment with Special Olympics was when we won the Provincial games for Floor Hockey. The team was so excited and very proud of ourselves for making it so far.  We play very well as a team and it is very exciting to do so well as a team. We always encourage each other to do our best.
and Activities:

Power Lifting

Snow shoeing

I help coach football for my high school in Brantford.

I volunteer with the Hamilton Tigercats.

I volunteer with the Burford Bull Dog Hockey Team.

to Sponsors:
I would like to say thank-you so much for supporting the Special Olympics Games.  We would not be able to participate in the Games if it wasn’t for your contribution. You change the lives of so many people involved in Special Olympics and they would not be able to celebrate their accomplishments if it wasn’t for your support. So thank-you.