Julie Timmermans

Julie Timmermans

District: South Western Ontario
Community: London
Sport: Rhythmic Gymnastics
Team: Rhythmic Gemstones Of London (Gals)
What other sports do you participate in? Curling
Will these be your first Provincial Games? No
What other Games have you competed in? Competed in 2013 and 2016 Provincial games for Rhythmic Gymnastics. Received medals at both of these games.
Most recently – 2019 Provincial winter games for Curling in Sault Ste. Marie. Our team received a bronze medal!
Best Special Olympics Memory: I have so many great memories with Special Olympics.
My first medal for Rhythmic Gymnastics and just standing on the podium – everyone looking at me and the feeling of doing a good job – so great!
One of my most memorable (and because it was my first big experience) took place with my curling team in the winter of 2010 when we won the Dominion Tankard for Special Olympics. After the presentation of our banner, we were lucky enough to meet Glenn Howard and his team. It was so exciting and I will never forget it.

Most recently, at the games in Sault Ste. Marie, we got to meet Jill Officer and chat with her and get pictures and I just couldn’t believe she was there to spend time with us. Incredible!

My coaches for curling and rhythmic gymnastics have helped to make all of these things happen. There support means so much and makes the memories extra special.
Hobbies and Activities: I am from Strathroy and I am working at Sprucedale Care Centre in the dining room. I work two days a week (a split shift) and have been employed for over two years now. I love the residents and the staff I work with.
I also enjoy volunteering each week at the YMCA daycare, the Salvation Army Thrift Store and the Strathroy Public Library.

I spend time each week with my wonderful support workers and go and workout at our local YMCA and cook and make great lunches together.

I really love spending time with my family, my boyfriend and many close friends. We go to the movies, bowling, shopping, and celebrating many special events together.

And… of course, always time for my Special Olympic Curling and Rhythmic Gymnastics!
Message to Sponsors: Thanks to you I am going to get the chance to attend and experience the competition at the games as a Special Olympian. I can’t wait! Thanks so very much for your support! You make dreams come true!!!