Marc Fletcher

Marc Fletcher

District: South Central Ontario
Community: St. Catharines
Sport: Powerlifting
Team: St. Catharines Powerlifting – The Power and the Glory
other sports do you participate in?
Basketball; Crossfit
these be your first Provincial Games?
other Games have you competed in?
Competed at Guelph Ontario Games in Powerlifting 4 years ago.
Special Olympics Memory:
I am proud to be part of a team that practices together each week, and loudly supports one another on every lift.

I am most proud that almost every week I am able to lift a little bit heavier, and beat my last personal best. 

I can see my improvement as we record our weights at each competition.

I can see how much weight I have lost and how strong I have become. 
I am happy to earn the ribbons and trophies that I have, but we have an even better team and group of friends.

Our coach was really, really proud of us at the last Ontario Games and that made me very happy. 

We are very excited to do this again in 2020!

and Activities:
Crossfit 2-3 times a week

Powerlifting once a week

Basketball once a week

Member of a social group called ‘Homies with Extra Chromies’

Employed at Casino Niagara Hotels WaterPark.

Love to read and write stories

Broadcasts a weekly video blog on newly released movies

Go sailboat cruising with my family all summer, and sailed the BVI last winter

Travel to Florida with friends each autumn and plans excursions for the trip

Movie fanatic-(love all movies but especially suspense/horror)

to Sponsors:
Sponsors are important for most events. 

It takes a lot of volunteers and people working in the background for a long time before events even happen. 

It takes belief and commitment from people to make an event like the games fun and successful. 

Parents are committed because they want to see their athlete to do well.  

Althletes are committed because we want to compete. 

People call us the ‘heroes”.  

But it is the people who help out, not because they ‘have to’, but because they ‘want to’ who are the real heroes. 

Thank you to the sponsors and supporters of the 2020 Ontario Games.