Marley Gayler

Marley Gayler

District: South Central Ontario
Community: Kitchener-Waterloo
Sport: Powerlifting
Team: K-W Powerlifting Grizzlies
other sports do you participate in?
Track and Field, Basketball, Floor Hockey, Nordic Skiing, Snowshoeing, 5 pin bowling, ice hockey
these be your first Provincial Games?
other Games have you competed in?
5 pin bowling at Guelph provincials-team silver medals

Track and Field York Provincials

Track and Field, Peel Provincials, Gold 5km Gold 3km and silver in 4 X 400 relay

Special Olympics Memory:
At Guelph Provincial qualifiers I was top female lifter, it was very exciting when they announced my name for this award and all the volunteers that were from the Guelph Gryphon football team cheered for me. I also like to help the younger athletes at basketball practice.
and Activities:
Like to have sleepovers and watch movies with my friends and do Just dance.

Participating at my conditioning class with a group of girls just like me.

to Sponsors:
I train very hard in all my sports and the events I compete in would not be possible without you, the sponsor. Thanks!