Tyler-David Meyer

Tyler-David Meyer

District: South Western Ontario
Community: LaSalle – Windsor
Sport: Powerlifting
Team: Lasalle – Windsor Powerlifting Club
What other sports do you participate in? Archery
Will these be your first Provincial Games? Yes
Best Special Olympics Memory: Tyler has been participating in Special Olympics events since 2000. He started in bowling, moved onto swimming and eventually to powerlifting.

He did amazing at swimming but moving from Windsor to Winnipeg to Toronto and then back home to Windsor were huge issues for Tyler. He discovered archery in Oakville and Power Lifting when we returned home to Windsor in 2015.

Tyler has many medals and has attended many meets for a variety of the sports. He loves his team mates and is very encouraging towards other athletes.

Hobbies and Activities: Tyler participates in Archery every Monday evening. He is getting quite good. He has an absolute obsession with Ancient Warriors and all things dinosaur related.
Message to Sponsors: We are appreciative to all those who support Special Olympics. Not only does Tyler participate in various sports, he tries to volunteer his time at various events to promote the message of inclusion and participation that Special Olympics gives this community.

We are humbled and extremely grateful for all the support sponsors give to not only Tyler but to all the athletes as well.